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Economy Marketing - Affordable Marketing for All!

We at Economy Marketing would like to first say "Thank You" for taking the time to view our Website.


Economy Marketing was born to provide Affordable Advertising for the Average Marketer. Many people have turned to the internet over the last several years in hopes of earning additional money from home. As you probably already know, marketing online is not as easy as some people make it out to be - in fact it can get downright frustrating at times! Economy Marketing was designed to help any and all internet marketers become Successful. If you have been working online for any period of time you should already know that you MUST advertise to stand a chance at making any money on the internet. 90% of online marketers have turned to the internet to make money and don't have a ton of money to spend on advertising - that's where we at Economy Marketing come in at.


Economy Marketing is here to provide Highly Effective Email Advertising for the average marketer that is wanting to make money online but not wanting to spend a fortune to do it. In this day in age, times are TOUGH for many people and if we can help YOU make money, then we are going to bend over backwards to do it.


There are many places to advertise online but the problem is the COST!! The most EFFECTIVE Advertising you will get online is Contact Solo Email Advertising but the problem is once again - THE COST. The average email advertising campaign can easily cost $50 to $500 for a one time send and for many people that is way more than they can afford to spend (remember: many marketers are online looking for ways to MAKE MONEY - NOT to spend their last penny on advertising).


Here at Economy Marketing we solve many issues that the average marketer has when attempting to Make Money Online.



We provide Highly Effective and Affordable Lifetime Contact Email Advertising!!

We review each Advertisement before it is sent out and make IMPROVEMENTS if needed to INCREASE SALES!!

We send your Advertisement to 100% Double Opt In Prospects that are INTERESTED in what you have to Offer!!

We clean our Prospects List DAILY - Only Fresh and Responsive Prospects are in our System!!





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